Espranor 8mg oral lyophilisates (Buprenorphine)


Espranor is a medication which contains a drug called buprenorphine. Espranor is prescribed for dependence on a group of substances called opioids, such as heroin and other related drugs, Espranor 2mg and 8mg for sale UK



(Espranor®  8mg Oral Lyophilisate (Buprenorphine)

What is Espranor?

Espranor is a medication which contains a drug called buprenorphine, buy espranor 8 mg. Espranor is prescribed for dependence on a group of substances called opioids, such as heroin and other related drugs, Buprenorphine oral lyophilisate, Buy Espranor 8mg online, Buy Espranor 2mg online, Buprenorphine for pain, Buy Espranor 8mg oral lyophilisate

Dosage and administration of Espranor

Administration is oromucosal. Espranor is not interchangeable with other buprenorphine products. Different buprenorphine products have different bioavailability. Therefore, the dose in mg can differ between products.  The route of administration for Espranor is on the tongue, not under it, Espranor 2mg and 8mg for sale UK, Buy Espranor 8mg online, Buy Espranor 2mg online, Buy Espranor 8mg tablet, Buy Espranor 8mg oral lyophilisate

How to take Espranor 2mg & 8mg – Buprenorphine oral lyophilisate

You will initially be started on a low dose which will be adjusted gradually to the right dose for you. It is important not to take other opioids during this time as this will cause you to experience some withdrawal symptoms. Most people feel happy they are on the correct dose within the first week of treatment. Buprenorphine for pain

Coming off (detox) Espranor – Buprenorphine for pain relief

Once settled on a regular, stable dose of Espranor, your recovery worker will talk with you about the aims of your treatment, including how to reduce the dose and eventually come off treatment with Espranor.
Buprenorphine oral lyophilisate (Espranor®) is accepted for restricted use within NHS Scotland.
Indication under review: Substitution treatment for opioid drug dependence, within a framework of medical, social and psychological treatment.
SMC restriction: to patients in whom methadone is not suitable.
In patients who require supervised consumption of buprenorphine, the oral lyophilisate formulation has the advantage of a faster dissolution time compared to other available buprenorphine preparations. Buprenorphine for pain, buy espranor 8 mg
Prescribers should be aware that buprenorphine preparations are not interchangeable.
Generic buprenorphine sublingual tablets are available at a lower cost.
This SMC advice takes account of the benefit of a Patient Access Scheme (PAS) that improves the cost-effectiveness of buprenorphine oral lyophilisate. This advice is contingent upon the continuing availability of the PAS in NHS Scotland or a list price that is equivalent or lower. Substitution treatment for opioid drug dependence, within a framework of medical, social and psychological treatment.

Other notes about taking Espranor

You are more likely to succeed in staying off heroin if you have additional support and counselling, for example, community groups like Narcotics Anonymous, and support from family, friends and other people close to you.
Refrain from drinking alcohol or using drugs during your treatment.
You should inform the DVLA if you drive and are taking Espranor.
All drugs must be kept out of reach of children and animals. Please ask your worker for a lockable box to store your medication (free of charge). Children should never be given your medication. They have no tolerance and it could kill them. Always call 999 if you think a child has swallowed your medication.
Espranor may block the effects of certain painkillers.
Speak to your recovery worker or doctor if you experience side effects or symptoms and wish to stop treatment.
Read the information leaflet given with your medication. Buprenorphine for pain

 Side effects of Espranor – Espranor 8mg for sale online – Buprenorphine for pain relief – buy espranor 8 mg

1) Pregnancy

There are no adequate data on the use of buprenorphine in pregnant women. Studies in animals have shown reproductive toxicity (see section 5.3). The potential risk for humans is unknown.

Towards the end of pregnancy, high doses, even for a short duration of time, may induce respiratory depression in neonates. During the last three months of pregnancy, chronic use of buprenorphine may be responsible for a withdrawal syndrome in neonates (e.g. hypertonia, neonatal tremor, neonatal agitation, myoclonus or convulsions). The syndrome is generally delayed for several hours to several days after birth.Espranor 2mg and 8mg for sale UK, Buprenorphine for pain

Due to the long half-life of buprenorphine, neonatal monitoring for several days should be considered at the end of pregnancy, to prevent the risk of respiratory depression or a withdrawal syndrome in neonates.

3)  Effects on the ability to drive and use machines

Buprenorphine has a minor to moderate influence on the ability to drive and use machines when administered to opioid-dependent patients. This may cause drowsiness, dizziness or impaired thinking, especially during treatment induction and dose adjustment. When taken together with alcohol or central nervous system depressants, the effect is likely to be more pronounced (see sections 4.4 and 4.5).

This medicine can affect your ability to drive.

Do not drive while taking this medicine until you know how this medicine affects you.

Summary of the safety profile

The most commonly reported adverse drug reactions were those related to withdrawal symptoms (e.g. insomnia, headache, nausea and hyperhidrosis) and pain.

Overdose Espranor 2mg and 8mg – Espranor 8mg for sale online – Buprenorphine for pain relief


Respiratory depression as a result of central nervous system depression is the primary symptom requiring intervention in the case of overdose because it may lead to respiratory arrest and death. Signs of overdose may also include somnolence, amblyopia, miosis, hypotension, nausea, vomiting and/or speech disorders. Buy Espranor 8mg online, Buy Espranor 2mg online, Buy Espranor 8mg tablet, Buy Espranor 8mg oral lyophilisate, Buprenorphine for pain, buy espranor 8 mg


Naloxone may not be effective in reversing the respiratory depression produced by buprenorphine. Therefore, the primary management of overdose should be the re-establishment of adequate ventilation with mechanical assistance of respiration, if required. For more info about Espranor 2mg and 8mg click here

Buprenorphine is used to help you come off street drugs such as heroin. It can prevent or reduce the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms when you stop using such drugs. It is a medicine that is similar to heroin and works as a replacement treatment. Many people choose to stay on buprenorphine long-term, although some people gradually reduce their dose and come off it.

The effects of buprenorphine last longer than heroin so it is usually prescribed as a once-daily dose. To begin with, you will usually be asked to take it under the supervision of the pharmacist who dispenses the buprenorphine to you. This means there can be no doubt about how much buprenorphine you take at each dose. This supervision may be relaxed after a few months of taking a regular maintenance dose. Buprenorphine for pain, buy espranor 8 mg

Buprenorphine is also available combined with another medicine called naloxone (the tablet brand name is Suboxone®). Naloxone blocks the action of buprenorphine and the effect of the combination is that, if you are tempted to crush the tablet and try to inject it, you will start to get withdrawal effects.

Buprenorphine also acts as a painkiller. It is used to treat severe pain. When it is used for this purpose, different brands of buprenorphine tablets are used. There is more information about this in a separate medicine leaflet called Buprenorphine for pain relief.

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