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Buymedsuk Online Pharmacy FAQ<br />

Have you got questions about Benzodiazepines, or Opioids, that you do not feel comfortable asking in person? Maybe you are suffering from anxiety and you have questions about how to deal with it, but you are too shy to ask? Possibly you are living with pain and you have questions about the best painkiller for a particular pain you are suffering from in silence?

Would You Rather Ask in Confidence?

We understand that sometimes patients need to ask questions in confidence or anonymously and that sometimes questions are of a sensitive or personal nature that they would rather not ask even their doctor. In this FAQ section, we have listed the most frequently asked questions by our customers via live chat, email and phone calls. Simply click on a category, or product below, to view the questions and answers.

We are pretty sure we have covered all possible areas; from how to order, to what your parcel will look like, to how we are able to sell our medication at such great prices. In addition to a detailed FAQ section on every product we sell, we also have a dedicated customer service team that is available 24/7 to answer any urgent questions you might have in relation to the products for sale on our website.

Our customer service team can be contacted via email or live chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and look forward to assisting you with your order!

How to Order Online at Buymedsuk Online Pharmacy?<br />

Simply click on the product you want, followed by the quantity and enter your delivery details. Finally, select your payment method of choice and complete payment via the details you will receive via email. Once the payment is received you will be sent an email confirmation along with the estimated delivery date.

What Payment Options are Available?<br />

Online pharmacies offer a wide selection of payment options. These include Bitcoin / any cryptocurrency, PayPal, bank transfer etc.

What Will Show on My Bank Statement?<br />

We use an offshore payment processor to protect our customers privacy. There will therefore be no mention of the website or product you have bought. On completion of your payment you will receive an email confirming the descriptor name and what will show on your statement.

Do You Offer Free Samples?

No unfortunately we are unable to offer any samples of the medication we provide. We do however offer free pills with certain payment options including Bitcoin.

Why are Your Sleeping Tablets So Cheap?<br />

We are able to offer sleeping pills at incredible prices because we do not have the overheads that brick and mortar pharmacies have. By minimizing our overheads, we offer sleeping pills online at the very best prices.

How Will My Order Be Packed?<br />

All orders are packed in plain padded envelopes and with total discretion in mind. Order medication online safe in the knowledge that your privacy is our priority.

How Long Does Delivery Take?<br />

Delivery in the UK generally takes 1 – 3 days. Depending on your exact location delivery can take longer and for some remoter areas out of the UK it can take up to 4 to 5 days.

Will I Get a Tracking ID for My Order?<br />

Yes, all orders are issued with tracking numbers. You will receive an email from our tracking department when your order has been assigned its tracking number.

How Much Does Shipping Cost?<br />

The cost of shipping ranges from £10.99 – £15.50 this is dependent on your exact location. Contact our Customer service team for more information.

Do You Deliver to…?<br />

All of the products on our site can be delivered nearly anywhere in Europe including Germany, France, Italy, Ireland, Poland, Sweden, the Netherlands & the United Kingdom (see full list).